CVC Technicolor, Funai and CAVR Mission (HUD) Video Tape Digitizing

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COMPACT VIDEO CASSETTE (CVC) and Airborne (CAVR) Technicolor, Funai, (NTSC Only) Transfer Services

We digitally transfer ALL NTSC (CVC) Compact Video Cassette tape types including, but not limited to TEAC KV60, TEAC KV45, TEAC KV30, FUNAI V60, FUNAI V45, FUNAI V30, Technicolor V30 Model, 730 CVC, and all TEAC Airborne (CAVR) (HUD) Compact  Videocassette Recorder recordings, mission and data recordings made in the TEAC V-250AB-FN CAVR  ( TEAC V-250AB-F/N).  We transfer and digitize all TEAC airborne cockpit recordings captured in the CVC video format.

If you are a retired pilot or airman, and have mission recordings you need transferred and digitized, we're here to help.  We have the actual (extremely rare) CAVR armored ruggedized ground playback systems to achieve correct playback of your tapes, all in pristIne, perfect working order. 


CVC, a consumer videotape format that ultimately did not succeed, stands as arguably one of the rarest videotape formats globally. Its existence as a consumer videotape format spanned approximately 3 1/2 years, from 1980 to 1984. 

ABOUT Airborne (CAVRs) (HUD) The Armored Black Box Recorder

The TEAC Compact Airborne Videocassette Recorder was so incredibly compact for the time (Early 1980s), that the U.S. Government commissioned its' development as an airborne mission recorder.  The ruggedize armored unit was so small for the time, it was the perfect choice for installation into aircraft cockpits to record audio communications, video and E.O. data.  The system was utilized by the U.S. Military, NASA, and other aerospace contractors and law enforcement as well.

Within the realm of digital archiving facilities, The Transfer Lab® stands out as one of the select few that specializes in digitizing the Compact Video Cassette format. Notably, we might be the sole facility in the United States that exclusively employs high-end, professional military grade CVC systems. It's worth noting that these systems are exceptionally scarce and were never made available to the general public.

In stark contrast, the vast majority of other transfer services either do not provide CVC digitizing services at all, or can only offer transfers using lower-quality, frequently unreliable consumer-grade CVC VCRs. While these CVC models are capable of functioning, they tend to yield only average results and have gained a reputation for causing damage to tapes during playback due to an inferior tape transport design.

Our CVC systems are better!

Better Picture:

Our advanced professional-grade CVC playback systems feature built-in time base correction (TBC), dual azimuth 4-head video technology, and analog video enhancer circuits. These elements work harmoniously to elevate the visual quality, providing better stabilization, more accurate tracking, enhanced image depth, improved color accuracy, and enhanced contrast.

Better Audio:

Benefitting from an advanced transport mechanism, our systems deliver an upgraded audio experience characterized by minimized wow and flutter. Additionally, they ensure a safer treatment of the delicate 1/4 inch tape as it glides over the stationary audio heads, contributing to an overall improved audio performance.

    We use only the highest quality digital encoding systems to convert your videotape to mp4 files.   

    Need a professional file for documentary or broadcast purposes?  We can make a ProRes file of any videotape or motion picture film source.

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