Our Story

Here at the The Transfer Lab® we're passionate about preserving vintage media, while always striving to take special care of your items and rescue those that somehow became the dog's chew toy.  Like you, we treasure life's recorded moments.  

The Transfer Lab® was started after recognizing the need for a premium quality digital archiving service, since most folks are unwilling to risk handing over their precious media memories to mail-in "Transfer Mills". Transfer mills are strictly dollar driven, high production, low to no-quality digitizing warehouses one sees everywhere on the internet. These so-called transfer "experts" try to look fancy with their branded mail-in boxes , but are sorely lacking in expertise.  In fact, some of the biggest names in the transfer business use poorly maintained consumer equipment, unqualified personnel and thus yield substandard results.  Don't be fooled by their slick packaging and permanent 40% discount.  

The Transfer Lab® produces superior results at a fair price.  We are proud of our commitment to doing it right,  and stand behind every transfer we do with a Lifetime Guarantee.  In fact, If we can't get a good transfer out of your media, we're confident no one can.   That's why other transfer services come to us for their digitizing needs.  We also work with institutional clients.

We have digitally archived projects for the armed forces, law enforcement, engineering firms, hospitals and medical services, museums, record companies, insurance companies, colleges and universities as well as A-list celebrity actors and recording artists... even astronauts.

We innovate every day, working to engineer superior ways to digitally capture media stored on film, tape and other obsolete formats. Our sole focus is to convert your old analog memories so they'll end up looking as good or better than you remember. 

Our excellent results are realized through considerable technology and hardware investments and more than three decades of multi-media experience and expertise in the professional media conversion and production industries - just one of the reasons individuals, businesses, museums and university libraries choose The Transfer Lab® for digital archiving. It's also why we regularly rescue and re-do transfers done by other transfer companies.

If you are looking for reliable, caring professionals to convert your life's recorded moments, consider The Transfer Lab®. 

We work really hard to maintain 5-star service and strive to earn your 5-star review. Please let us know how we can help with your media conversion project. 

Thanks for taking the time to see what we offer.

Ron Royer,  Owner