Cassette Tape to CD or File

$ 28.95

Standard Compact Cassette Tape Transfer to CD

The Compact Cassette Tape (Cassette) is one of the most successful consumer formats ever.

It's time to preserve the analog content they contain.   The Transfer Lab will cleanup the sound on your cassettes, then put them on CD, so you can play them anywhere.  Whether you have music from the 1970's, a recording of Grandma talking about the good old days, or a church service you want to preserve,  we'll transfer your recording in our audio lab, reduce the tape hiss, place custom track marks and master a CD playable anywhere.  And don't forget - The Transfer Lab not only converts your playable tapes, we also offer restoration services for your damaged or unplayable tapes as well.

NOTE: In rare cases cassettes may need to be convection baked to prevent oxide from shedding from the polyester binder.  The cost for this is $10.00 for up to 5 cassettes.

By the way, we use studio grade professional analog-to-digital converters like Apogee and Mytek; and only professional audio workstations with WaveLab, Adobe Audition and Pyramix.