8-Track Tape to CD or File

$ 20.95 $ 25.00

8-Track Tape Transfer

The 8-Track Tape (8-Track) had limited success. The idea was to offer the listener the ability to choose from 4 separate stereo channels by accessing different horizontal areas on the tape.  This format was always very clunky and more of a gimmick than a useful format.

Our audio experts convert and cleanup your 8-Tracks using state-of-the-art noise removal techniques, and then master them in the form of a standard audio CD or high bit-rate audio file, so you can play them anywhere.

As always, we use only studio grade tape machines such as Otari MTR-10s and Studer A-80 professional Reel-to-reel machines and Tascam 122 MKIII Studio cassette decks; only professional analog-to-digital converters like Apogee and Mytek; and only professional audio workstations with WaveLab, Adobe Audition and Pyramix.