How It Works

ORDER ONLINE  (easy online ordering even for local drop-off and pickup)

Placing your transfer order online is easy.  Select a transfer service and choose a quantity and click "Add to Cart". Select your shipping or drop-off/pickup preference.  Then place your order.


After ordering through our secure online order system, you'll receive a confirmation email with instructions. Simply pack-up your media items, and ship or drop them off at our service center located in Nashville, Tennessee (see below).

Upon receiving your item(s), we'll verify the quantity and send an email confirmation to let you know everything was received by us safely and undamaged.  Your media items, work-order and finished DVD digital copies will be tagged with matching barcode numbers unique to each item you send.  We then schedule your media through each step of our conversion and Q.C. process.   When we finish transferring your project, we'll send you a "Project Complete" email or call you to let you know everything is ready.  We'll couple all your original media items with your newly digitized master copies.  Every item you send will be bar-coded matched back to your original media, so they are returned to you together. 

Our Work Flow Schedule:

  1. Receive / Inspect Media
  2. Assign Unique Tracking Bar Code
  3. Acclimate Tapes to Room Temperature
  4. Digitize Media
  5. Finalize DVD
  6. Affix Matching Barcode To New Digital Copies
  7. Prepare Item for Shipping or Local Pickup


Don't forget...If you live in or are visiting the Nashville area, you may choose to stop by our service center and place your transfer order in person.  You can even place your order online, and then drop-off and pay for your order in-person.