Who We Are

We are folks just like you - passionate about preserving the moments in life that we all love to look back on and remember.  Every day we strive to create and improve the way we convert those precious moments for the future.  Just like you, we want our memories frozen in time, so that we, our family,  our children and our children's children can have just a glimpse of who we were and where we came from.  That passion for preservation is realized through our considerable investment in technical knowledge, expertise and training to convert old or obsolete audio, video and data.   We've brought together a large collection of some of the highest quality professional transfer equipment available anywhere in the world.  And when necessary, we custom build the systems we need to get the results we demand just to meet our exacting standards.   

We consider our customers friends and family and so we truly look out for you and how your memories are handled.  That's why,  unlike many of the expensive drug store photo service kiosks who ship your memories out-of-state and out of country, we transfer your tapes, films, photos and other media  in-house at The Transfer Lab in Nashville. 

So, if you're searching to find a company to convert your old our obsolete media, there are plenty of places that offer these types of service with varying levels of competence, expertise and knowledge.  In fact, just about every drug store has found a way to offer at least fringes of these types of services through their photo kiosks.  Yes. They're great at taking your order, but they don't have experts; they don't do the work in-house and you may have to wait a while.   But,  if you're looking for someone who cares as deeply as you do about getting the best possible transfer at minimal cost, with the expertise in handling fragile media and the investment in expertise and technical systems and knowhow, please consider us at The Transfer Lab.  

The Transfer Lab also offers full package CD, DVD, Blu-ray and Flash Drive duplication  through EarMark Digital, our on-site media production facility.